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John practised as a Chartered Accountant in Henley-on-Thames until taking early retirement, and decided to take a history degree at Reading University.

On John inheriting a family tree, he discovered that not only had a branch of the Cave family played a prominent part in business and public life in Bristol, at the end of the eighteenth and the whole of the nineteenth century and that also one of his ancestors, had married James Disraeli, the younger brother to Lord Beaconsfield. He asked me to design the booklet on Disraeli/Cave connection, select the photographs and other documents to illustrate the text, and to arrange for printing. This being the second booklet I had designed for him.

I have now produced two family histories, one on John’s life and the other on this wife Doreen.

“Alix has been of inestimable help in designing and collating material for inclusion in the booklets which I have written. I am glad to say that they were well received with favourable comments, not only about the contents, but also the general design and presentation.

I found that Alix is full of good ideas when it comes to advising on typography and the positioning of illustrations within the text. What is just as important is that she kept to the very tight timetable that we agreed when she took on the assignment. Without her help these booklets would not have seen the light of day.”