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Cancara Ltd is a small family firm, established in the 1980s to provide IT support services to City Banks. The company had decided to refocus on support services to small business and charities in Oxfordshire and Berkshire and to expand their services to include copywriting and business communications.

They came to Amax Designs for a new logo and templates for invoices, letterhead and business cards. The key requirement was for a design that would work for both parts of the business – the copywriting service and the IT support services. Caroline Bucklow, one of the Directors, explains “we needed a logo that would stand out from the crowd and which could be adapted to emphasise each arm of the business independently of the other. I had assumed that this would be very difficult to achieve but Alix reassured me that she understood the need and could provide an elegant solution to our problem.”

Early Designs

At our first meeting, Alix took the Cancara directors through a wide range of logo and business card designs to identify the styles that appealed to them. They were attracted to designs where the Company name was the key component of the logo and they preferred modern, angular typefaces and bold colours.

Alix produced a range of early concepts, reflecting the new copywriting service.

Developing the logo

From the early designs, the Cancara directors selected a design which used the name Cancara, with a strap line for the copywriting service which could be omitted without affecting the balance of the overall design. The company’s existing branding used shades of blue and yellow and Alix proposed new shades to create a modern and elegant combination of colours for the design.

Completing the business card design

Incorporating the logo into the business card design presented an additional challenge – the Cancara Directors had conflicting tastes. One liked the idea of using block colour, while the other strongly preferred cards with a simple white background. Alix’s striking design, using block colour and lots of white space quickly resolved the conflict. Caroline comments “Jerry was concerned that a coloured background would make it harder to read the information on the card but I love the use of block colour. We both loved Alix’s design. The colour makes the card stand out and it’s easy to read the contact information on the front. I find the white space on the back really useful for writing notes, which can help to remind a potential client of our conversation – or act as a prompt for me to follow up a contact.”